About our training: from us - all the base knowledge, skills and international certificate, from you - time and attention!
🔝We take special care to each student's learning and ensure that our approach allows you to learn and practice the course materials immediately, without months of work.
During the course you will learn:
📌 Features of the FLORACTIVE and difference between other brands.
📌What are the types and degrees of hair damage and how to recognise it.
📌Features of choosing effective hair care products.
📌Fundamental techniques of how to deal with grey hair.
📌Temperature application and working techniques.
📌How to help your client with their home hair care selection.
📌Basic safety procedures.
📌Psychological approach and working with clientsIn the practical sessions you will learn:
📌Analyse hair condition and type, choose products and treatments, provide post-care.
📌Prepare clients for treatment.
📌Do all basic straightening treatments including developing basic nourishing and restorative treatments and protein reconstruction.
📌Detect hair damage and instantly verify results with straightening.
On completion of the training you will receive a International Certificate, employment and secure support for the future.
Theory with demonstration + Practice on the models.
Email us directly if you would like to sign up and if you have any more questions