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Blue Tox is a revolutionary technology that brings together Arginine, Tannin, and organic acids to form a Botox that seals the hair, leaving hair without volume, hydrated, shiny, and 100% eliminating frizz. It has Nano Particles of Violet Pigments that neutralise the unwanted orange and yellow tones of blonde and grey.

Bulky, dry and frizzy hair.

  • Hair without volumes with lasting effect
  • Eliminates 100% of frizz
  • Deep hydration and nutrition
  • Restoration of hair fibre
  • Sealed cuticles with high-impact shine
  • Neutralises undesirable orange and yellow tones
  • Fast and simple application process
  • Fantastic results and best value for money
Blue Tox penetrates deeply into the hair fibre, reorganising the hair bonds and providing intense and long-lasting straightening.

  1. In the sink and with damp hair, apply the Floractive Shampoo of your choice, gently massaging the scalp and combing the product through the entire length of the hair. Reapply the product if necessary
  2. Using a hairdryer or towel, dry to approximately 70%
  3. Divide the hair into 4 parts
  4. Apply Blue Tox section by section from the root, avoiding direct contact with the scalp and combing the product through the entire length of the sections
  5. Leave it on for 20 minutes to 1 hour, or as long as necessary according to the structure of the hair and the professional’s analysis, as well as the degree of reduction chosen by the client
  6. Soon after, rinse only the excess product from the hair
  7. Using a hair dryer, dry the hair completely and brush using a ceramic thermal brush
  8. Heat the straightener (flat iron) at a temperature that can vary from 180C° to 230C° depending on the curl type, thickness, density, and colour of the hair. Straighten in thick strands 2 to 15 times
  9. It is not necessary to wash the hair again


Suggestion: For even more hydrated and shiny hair, apply a few drops of the Floractive Oils of your choice to the palms of your hands and distribute over the entire length and ends of the hair

Precautions: Do not apply the product if the scalp is injured or irritated. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Attention: Evaluate the hair before applying the product and adjust the temperature of the iron according to the type of hair. Do a strand test on chemically treated hair. Inappropriate use is the responsibility of the professional.

TIP: On newly bleached hair, treatment can be done in approximately a week, however, it should be observed whether the hair is healthy or not, as bleached hair usually becomes weak, brittle, and elastic. If this hair has these aspects, before straightening it must be treated. We recommend using Floractive 20 in 1.

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