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W Two Plex is a revolutionary product in Intercellular Nutrition hair treatment. Its nanoparticles penetrate deeply into the hair strands so that the hair does not need to be shampooed before treatment. Enriched with Ojon Oil which is associated with the Technological Plex System, supports the absorption of hydration and helps in the reconstruction of the hair strands, resulting in smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair. The powerful action of the violet pigment nanoparticles neutralises the undesirable yellow or orange tones in blonde hair.

Thick, dry, fragile, and frizzy blonde hair.

W Two Plex penetrates deeply into the hair strand, rearranging the bonds, and providing more intense and long-lasting straightening.

  1. Check if the hair is clean or if it needs to be washed to remove excess hair products
  2. Shake the bottle before each treatment.
  3. Spray water through the hair making it slightly damp.
  4. Divide into 4 sections
  5. Apply W Two Plex section by section from the root, avoiding direct contact with the scalp, and combing the product through the entire length of the sections.
  6. Let it act for 40-60 minutes or as long as necessary according to the structure of the hair and the professional’s analysis
  7. Soon after, wet the hair but do not rinse completely
  8. Using a hair dryer, dry the hair completely, without brushing
  9. Heat the straightening iron at a temperature of 190C° and flat iron in thin sections 15-25 times continuously without stopping the iron on the section, always observing any possible fading
  10. Wash the hair with the after-treatment kit (W.One shampoo and 3 in 1)

    For even more hydrated and shiny hair, apply a few drops of the Floractive Oils of your choice to the palms of your hands and distribute over the entire length and ends of the strands.

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